YAC Studios
Youth Arts Collective (YAC)

Without the encouragement of artists and YAC co-founders Meg Biddle and Marcia Perry, I’m not sure I would have found the confidence to pursue the arts outside of school. I will forever be deeply grateful for their love and support, not just for myself but for young artists everywhere. You can see Meg’s work at www.megbiddle.com and Marcia’s work at www.marciaperry.com.

CSUMB Science Illustration
Graduate Program

Ever since my junior year of high school I knew I wanted to attend the Science Illustration Graduate Program (at the time at UCSC-Extension). After four years of college I was accepted into the program and to this day it remains the most rewarding and productive year of my life as an illustrator and student. This past winter and spring I have been lucky enough to be a part of the program once again as a Teaching Assistant. Program instructors Ann Caudle, Jenny Keller, and Amadeo Bachar are all exceptional illustrators and mentors, and I owe them a debt of gratitude.

Carnegie Museum
Carnegie Museum of Natural History

My first internship after the Science Illustration Program was at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. This museum is a treasure trove of collections, including a plethora of dinosaur fossils and reconstructions. Check out the Research and Collections section, where you can find some great fossil reconstruction illustrations by Mark A. Klingler, my mentor while at the museum.


Scientific America
Scientific American Magazine

My time as an intern at Scientific American exposed me to the world of art direction, and how a magazine gets made. The creativity and brainstorming going on blew me away. Many thanks go to Ed Bell, former Art Director for the magazine, who encouraged me to try my hand at article layout and design. Sciam.com always has interesting articles about the latest in science and research — check it out.

Mono Lake
The Mono Lake Committee

It’s hard for me to think of many places on earth as beautiful as Mono Lake, located in the eastern Sierra Nevada just outside Yosemite. The Mono Lake Committee is a dedicated group of individuals who work to protect and restore one of the most biologically rich lakes in North America, a vital rest stop for migrating birds. They have also been very supportive of my illustration work; the Mono Lake Mural now dons t-shirts and note cards! It has been an honor to be able to give back and contribute to the MLC, and I thank them for the opportunity. Visit their website to learn more about the lake and its history, shop the on-line store, and find out how you can help!

Info Is Beautiful
Information is Beautiful

Are you a visual learner? Then you absolutely cannot miss checking out this blog. I always take a peek when I want to be amazed.